Lab upgrade February 2015

Francis OrishabaWe are delighted to have now upgraded our lab in a number of ways as part of our strategic plan to improve clinical services.  Firstly we have been able to create more space by reconfiguring the use of rooms and rationalising our stores.  Secondly we have introduced some more sophisticated and reliable analysers to increase the range of tests we can run for diagnostic and monitoring support.  Thirdly we have employed a new degree level Medical Laboratory Scientist, Francis Orishaba, as our In-Charge to head up the department and take it up a gear.

used to assess immune status in HIV patients

used to assess immune status in HIV patients


The Lab is now developing areas for Biochemistry and Microbiology together with the traditional microscopy and haematology services.  Serology and special tests for HIV patients are being upgraded.

We have now opened a new phlebotomy room so that patients no longer have to come into the lab itself to have their blood tests.

proposed lab reconfigurationWe are in the process of reconfiguring the layout to best accommodate the new equipment and functionality.  There is a new hatch from the phlebotomy area to the main lab.




The equipment in the new biochemistry area includes a sophisticated automated analyser and a smaller machine to give fast results for electroytes useful in emergency management of sick patients.

Ildiko, Sam and Sharon

Dr. Ildiko, Sam and Sharon from Chester

We are really pleased to have been able to expand the lab to include a new Microbiology room.  Previously we could only do microscopy but can now perform some culture and sensitivity testing thanks to generous support from Countess of Chester hospital who sent a team out for two weeks in March 2014 to help us set up the service.

micro labgp in lab