Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital has always aimed to care for people’s physical, emotional, spiritual and community needs to achieve the goal of “Life in all its fullness”.


Staff meet at 8am every weekday in the chapel which is situated right at the heart of the hospital. On Sundays there is an English service at 9am and a Rukiga service at 4pm in the chapel.  During the week there are a range of different Bible studies and fellowship meetings in the Staff Room, the School of Nursing, the Primary School and in individual homes.

The Hospital has a Chaplain and an Assistant Chaplain who also arrange pastoral support for patients particularly those having palliative care.

We have periodic missions often with visiting teams or musicians.MISSION (2)

Mission October 2013




Mission 2014 :  Free Indeed

children sing






Our new Chaplain, Rev. Joshua & Mrs. Jocelyn Bwebale

Our new Chaplain, Rev. Joshua & Mrs. Jocelyn Bwebale