This service supports in-patients and out-patients with physiotherapy and occupational therapy and also involves our orthopaedic clinical officer.  We hold periodic Paediatric Orthopaedic Camps with a visiting orthopaedic consultant from Mbarara.  After these, where perhaps 30 children may have surgery, the dormitory of the Rehabilitation Unit is full as the children then attend sessions for some time to recover and mobilise.

Our Staff include Mr. Aloysius Batarigaya, Occupational Therapist;  Mrs Night Atwongyeire, Physiotherapist;  Mr. Bedard Ntumwa, Orthopaedic Clinical Officer supported by two assistants.  In addition Mr Hannington Byamugisha is our Community Rehabilitation worker who visits groups in villages particularly supporting children with disability.

We appreciate the support from Liz Hardinge, a retired physiotherapist with enormous experience who had served for many years in Gahini Hospital in Rwanda.  We also enjoy the enthusiastic support of Stuart Garrett and his groups from University College Dublin.  In their last visit in June 2013 they renovated the playground area of the unit creating a welcoming and colourful environment.

Children from the malnutrition section of children’s ward attend group play sessions in Rehabilitation to encourage and stimulate them and guide their parents.  Patients from our Mental Health Unit also have group sessions as well as individual occupational therapy etc.

Every week three or four children attend for plaster of paris casting by our Orthopaedic Clinical Officer Bedard to correct club foot deformities using the Ponseti method.  We are receiving children from Kambuga [a government hospital], Bwindi [a community hospital] and from our diocese disability service.

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