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We wish to invite you to Kisiizi Hospital School of Nursing where we enjoy training around 200 nurses and midwives. We are beautifully situated surrounded by hills, waterfalls and streams. Here you will enjoy making friends, learning new skills and being a valued part of the whole Kisiizi hospital community.


Kisiizi School of Nursing was founded on a Christian background in 1998 by C.O.U Kisiizi Hospital. It has a motto: “Compassion and Competence”. As well as academic success, we aim to instil Christian virtues and the ability to give holistic care to patients both in the hospital and community.

The School’s Mission Statement is:

“To develop a professionally trained nurse who will competently meet the health needs of the Ugandan community with a particular emphasis on Christian values, attitudes and compassionate behaviour as an integral part of the health care delivery”

C.O.U Kisiizi Hospital is a rural, 260 bed hospital run by the Church of Uganda. It was founded in 1958 by Dr & Mrs. John Sharp on the site of an old flax factory. Later it was handed over fully to the Church of Uganda. From its inception its aim was to be a place of healing in body, mind and spirit. The hospital motto is “Life in all its Fullness” which represents the holistic ministry the hospital has aimed to provide.  The Hospital now has 4 Consultants and trains 6 interns in the specialties of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Surgery.  Patients come from long distances to access our services including elective surgery.

The pioneer group was 14 students, both male and female with two Tutors – Ms Dorcas Katali, and Mrs. Hazel Leonard from United Kingdom. The two were assisted by specialized nurses from the hospital and later by two trained Clinical Instructors.

In 2008 the School of Nursing celebrated its 10th anniversary which also was the time of the hospital’s Golden Jubilee.

Students are encouraged through daily worship, fellowship and weekly Bible study. Many take an active part also in leading services, participating in the choir and there are many opportunities in preaching both in our daily chapel services and daily services on the wards which are really appreciated by all the patients.

The School Board is the same as that of our mother Hospital, C.O.U Kisiizi Hospital. The purpose of the Board is to oversee the smooth running of the school, recruitment of staff, and ensure discipline of both students and staff with the aim of upholding the school motto “Compassion and Competence”.

Recruitment of students is usually done once a year, in May with interviews in April. Eligible students are those who have completed ‘O’ Level education. ‘A’ Level is an added advantage. The candidate should have attained the required minimum educational standard not more than three years ago. Age limit is 18 years and above. The candidates have to satisfy an interview panel that is selected by the Selection/ Recruitment Committee of the school. The candidates are also subjected to a written examination and a viva.  [ Please note that we are introducing new courses and higher level diploma training where the entry requirements are greater].


Student nurses using laptops in the School of Nursing Library area

The students at Kisiizi School of Nursing have had an outstanding performance since the school started. Many groups have successfully passed. The school has run the government’s comprehensive nurse training, including training in maternity, medical, surgical, Orthopaedic, rehabilitation, paediatrics, and psychiatry and also community. We also have a variety of clinics such as child health and immunisation, ante-natal, HIV/AIDs clinic, eye clinic, and outpatient clinics. Furthermore, each group of students has an opportunity to get comparative experience from an urban hospital. This highly enriches their approaches to patients’ care. It is a busy programme so expect hard work.

During training, students are under close supervision by clinical instructors and ward staff. The students also benefit from the presence of western doctors and nurses who work in the hospital. This adds a unique aspect to their training.

Discipline is of high priority in the School. All members of the Institution believe that Compassion and Competence can only be achieved through good discipline. The School and Guild Disciplinary Committees ensure that disputes are settled amicably as they arise. Each student receives a copy of rules and regulations on admission to the school to which he/she consents.

The school has got various structures to accommodate both male and female students including classrooms, a skills laboratory, students’ hostels, and library.

Various games pitches. Plans for expansion of the School’s infrastructure are also underway so as to offer a variety of Courses as well as increasing the facilities available for students.

Kisiizi School of Nursing is located in the South-Western region of Uganda in Rukungiri district, Rubabo County, Nyarushanje sub-county. It is a distance of about 380 kilometers from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The School and Hospital is surrounded by beautiful hills, water streams and has a water fall feature from which our electricity comes from.


P.O Box 109, Kabale, UGANDA
0392 700 806

Recent Posts

Ahumuza Centre grand opening

There was great excitement on the playing fields of Kisiizi Hospital Primary School as the Guest of Honour, Dr. Diana Atwiine, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, arrived by helicopter for the Grand Opening of the new purpose-built Ahumuza Centre for patients with mental illness.

After a hymn of celebration and a prayer of dedication by Bishop Patrick Tugume, recently retired Bishop of North Kigezi, plaques were unveiled to commemorate the day and to remember the life of Jamie Devaney in whose memory the new Ahumuza Centre was built.  A ribbon was cut and the VIP guests toured the Centre and then the Guest of Honour cut a cake with Jamie’s parents, Avril and Jim Devaney.

The Guest of Honour then visited the Hydro-electricity generator, the Imaging Department with the new ultrasound machine donated by Toshiba via our friends in Chester, the Mothers’ Waiting Home and the Laboratory before returning to the Primary School Hall for the rest of the programme.

This included a song of welcome by the Kisiizi primary school, a cultural dance by the Nyakishenyi Mental Health Association and a speech “A vision is born” by Dr. Lionel Mills, former Medical Superintendent who described a group going out into the community decades ago on St. Luke’s day.  They had preached about the good news to the poor described by Jesus and afterwards a woman asked them if they could see her son who was confined in an out-building as he was out of control.  They took him back to Kisiizi and he improved with treatment and the team realised that there were many others with mental illness who needed help and the vision to establish mental health services in Kisiizi was born.

There followed a moving drama by Kisiizi staff and students depicting a patient with mental illness who fails to improve with traditional healing approaches but is restored by the Ahumuza staff team.

Dr. Shiela Ndyanabangi, from the Mental Health Desk at the Ministry of Health, spoke on Kisiizi Mental Health services from a national perspective with many words of great encouragement to Kisiizi and a promise of on-going full support for the programme.

Rev. Hugh Burgess, Chairperson of Jamie’s Fund, spoke about the extraordinary story of the setting up of Jamie’s Fund and the support provided for a vehicle for mental health community outreaches and for the new Ahumuza Centre.

The Medical Superintendent gave a presentation showing an overview of the services offered by Kisiizi with the theme “Care for the Vulnerable”.

Dr. Diana Atwiine as Guest of Honour gave a heartwarming final speech praising the work being done in Kisiizi and stating it is a model for other areas and hoped the principles could be shared widely.

She thanked the Staff and the members of Jamie’s Fund for all the work to achieve this great landmark and offered full support for the plans to further develop the community mental health and epilepsy services.

click on the link below to read the handout telling the extraordinary story of the Ahumuza Centre:

Ahumuza story revised

Link to Jamie’s Fund website:

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