Elective Availability Calendar



We aim to give our visiting students a really enjoyable and stimulating elective attachment.  To achieve this, we limit the maximum total number of students here at any one time to six in order to ensure we can support and supervise them properly.  Other factors include the availability of accommodation dependent on the number of other visitors to Kisiizi.

Students in other disciplines e.g. Physiotherapy are considered separately.  Please email us if you are seeking at attachment here.

Please see the “Visiting” pages for more information.

Acceptance for an elective is dependent on submission of a fully completed application form that is reviewed by the Management team here.

LAST UPDATED:        28/09/2015





 October 2015  3
 November 2015  2
 December 2015 to 14th  3
 14th December to 8th January  1
 9th January 2016  on to Feb 12th  3
Feb 12th 2016 on  6
March up to 26th  2
from March 26th 2016 FULL
from April 9th  2
from April 13th  5
May 2016  2
up to June 25th 4
from June 25th  up to July 23rd FULL
July 23rd 2016 on  4
August 2016  5
September 2016  6
October 2016  6
November 2016  6
December 2016 6
January 2017  6