Uganda : UK Health Alliance launched

The launch of the new Uganda:UK Health Alliance took place in Kampala on Tuesday15th October and was attended by senior members of the Uganda Ministry of Health and Lord Nigel Crisp of the House of Lords.  He had run the NHS for six years and then produced “The Crisp Report” on UK development aid programmes.  He inaugurated a Zambia:UK Health Alliance a few years ago and this has proved very effective in reducing duplication and improving co-ordination of programmes.

So we were pleased that Kisiizi was given a very high profile on the evening and that we had opportunities for networking with senior policy makers at the Ministry of Health.  We have invited a number of Ministers and the Permanent Secretary [PS] to visit Kisiizi as we feel that if they do they will be impressed with all that is going on and may give us more support in seconding key personnel and in budget funding.

One unexpected finding is that the PS had been one of my medical students years ago!

All these interactions that raise the profile of Kisiizi are valuable as one of our challenges is to recruit key staff to come to what they may consider to be a remote location, with a different language and, to those from Kampala, a cold climate!

So we were also encouraged by very positive feedback at the National Intern Committee and then to get a call from the Chairman of the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council asking for more details of our Community Health Insurance Scheme to discuss with members of parliament next week.

Ian Spillman