Thanks to kind support from churches in Bedford, England,  and to some individuals, we have been able to do some more work on our Surgical Ward.  It is part of the original flax factory building that had closed and then been taken over when Kisiizi Hospital was opened in 1958.

We have completed the ceiling renovation on the first half of the building and stripped and replaced the plaster of the walls.  The window frames have been repaired and we put in new terrazo tile flooring.  This will allow proper cleaning of the floors which had previously not been easy as the concrete was cracked and pitted.

We are also adding rooms at the rear of the building to create a proper Treatment Room for patients and a Sluice to deal properly with waste.  We will also designate an office area for our Specialist Surgeons.

Once the first half is complete we will  move patients across from the second half of the building and, if funding is available, start on renovation of that area.

We are most grateful for those who are helping us with this important work.  Further support will be appreciated to make the rest of the building fit for patient care and to help us achieve good clinical standards and reduce cross-infection.