Kisiizi Floods September 2017 on

Damage to the causeway leading to staff accommodation


inside Children’s ward


11th September 2017:  Kisiizi has been badly hit by serious floods that have caused a power blackout as the generator house is affected.  Water supplies for drinking are also interrupted and some staff housing is cut off from the main hospital area.

Behind maternity



the photo above shows the roundabout area at the centre of the in-patient zone illustrating the magnitude of the problem.  Please pray for all the Staff as they seek to care for patients in such trying circumstances.  Maintaining clinical care will be really difficult and there will be major expenses incurred from the damage sustained. Thank you for your prayers and support.

here is a video clip of the main road into Kisiizi (from Kabale side) showing torrential water flow down the hill…

The bend seen at the beginning of the clip is where our main water supply pipe passes carrying drinking water from a capped spring to the reservoir tanks.  This supply has been disrupted

We are grateful to Kisiizi Partners for setting up a mydonate page for any who wish to help financially towards the costs of dealing with the crisis…

Thank you so much.


below is a youtube link to a NTV Ugandan news clip with Alex Kakama the HR Manager in Kisiizi

Kisiizi Power Ltd worker checking wiring

Many people have worked hard to restore services ranging from the power to the water supply, ward areas etc and to clear the mud and debris carried by the flood waters… even prisoners were conscripted in to help clear up as seen in the photo above!

just below the generator house a main cable was displaced and is seen suspended

Sr Kate surveying clean up in Children’s Ward




houses in the trading centre just below Kisiizi were impacted too

house near Kisiizi during the torrential flood


The main cable taking power to the community east of Kisiizi was lifted off its pylon supports that were washed away

Kisiizi rainscape








The Minister of Disaster Preparedness with the Medical Superintendent discussing plans for relief work

A mechanical digger loaned by Uganda National Roads Authority to support Kisiizi in deepening water channels

Water levels have subsided and the central roundabout area in the In-Patient zone is now seen having been flooded a week before

note the water mark indicating the height of the water/mud/debris in the generator house

This computer in Children’s Ward office was on a platform to raise it from the floor but still not high enough to prevent water and dirt damaging it














But we can still have fun!

Erosion of the wall of the channel