What’s around the corner?!

We recently found a snake next to one of the Staff houses.  This is a very rare occurrence and may be due to a combination of the fires in the forest areas that we had in the dry season displacing some snakes plus recent heavy rains.

snakeThe snake was killed within 3 minutes by our security guards using wooden sticks.

We are cutting back any long grass to reduce the risk especially for young children but we are very grateful that the snake was easily spotted and dealt with.

Friends Day 2013 – first photos

We are delighted to hear that Friends Day yesterday went really well and all of us in Kisiizi send our heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to its success and for all who made the effort to attend.  We know from experience that the day involves a lot of preparation and hard work so we do appreciate this, and are grateful too to Greyfriars Church in Reading for once again allowing us to use their excellent buildings.

some of the participants

some of the participants

Kisiizi was represented by Dr. Gabriel Okumu, our lead Consultant Surgeon and Deputy Medical Superintendent.  Doreen has recently spent a week in Kisiizi and joined us as guest of honour at our 55th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.

Doreen Sharp with Dr. Gabriel

Doreen Sharp with Dr. Gabriel

Zoe, a trainee midwife who visited Kisiizi briefly with Alia Fry, Peace Corps Volunteer from USA who worked with us for 2 years

Zoe, a trainee midwife who visited Kisiizi briefly with Alia Fry, Peace Corps Volunteer from USA who worked with us for 2 years

One of the strengths of the wider Kisiizi family is the breadth of interests represented from physiotherapy to hydro-electric generation, from the insurance scheme to obstetric emergencies… and it’s good that Friends come from all periods of the hospital’s 55 year history.

Alia Fry has worked very hard supporting our Infection Control and Patient Safety programmes and the Kisiizi Community Health Insurance Scheme.

Drs David & Helen Baker

Drs David & Helen Baker



David and Helen Baker served as junior doctors in Kisiizi for six months a few years ago and have been involved in some of our core planning groups.



Charles Swainson talking with Eric Smith

Charles Swainson talking with Eric Smith

Charles Swainson has worked for Kisiizi over many years in various capacities and was the lead engineer in the massiveprogramme to install our hydro-electric generator 4 years ago.  This year he returned to help us with some crucial routine maintenance.  He is seen talking with Eric Smith who also visited Kisiizi in 2013.  It was Eric’s first time to actually see for himself the place for which he had faithfully prayed for 50 years!

Philip, Gabriel & Jocelyn

Philip, Gabriel & Jocelyn


Dr Philip Haynes and his wife Jocelyn have been faithfully organising Friends of Kisiizi Days since 1995 having worked in Kisiizi up to 1987.












Board of Governors

We were glad to welcome members of our Board for a meeting on Friday 4th October.  It proved a useful and positive day as we reflected on progress made in the past months and looked at plans and challenges for the future.

Board Mx 10-13

The photo shows members of the Board joined by some extra Management Committee members following a shared lunch. From left to right:  Rev Patrick Bagorogo, Hospital Chaplain; Sr. Ann Moore, Deputy Principal Nursing Officer; Dr. Patrick Mpairwe, Medical Superintendent Ruharo Hospital, Ankole Diocese; Mr. Spencer Tweteise, Headmaster Kisiizi Primary School; Canon Ben Rullonga, Board member; Mr. Moses Mugume, Senior Hospital Administrator; Sr. Kate Rwomushana, Principal Nursing Officer;  Rev Dr Jack Kabahikyeho, North Kigezi Diocese; Sr Leah Tumuhweirwe, Principal Tutor; Dr. Ian Spillman, Medical Superintendent; Bishop Patrick Tugume, Chairman of the Board; Mr. Bowers Turyazayo, Finance Manager;  Mr. Charles Byabakama, Chairman District LC5 committee and member North Kigezi Diocese. [Dr Francis Banya was away at a meeting and Dr. Gabriel Okumu in UK for Friends of Kisiizi Day and some specialist surgical experience].

In addition to the paper work, the Board visited the Surgical Ward to see progress with the renovation work and expressed their gratitude to those who had helped fund the project.  They also visited the site to be used for the new Mental Health Unit.

It is hoped that we will be able to invite the Minister of Health to visit Kisiizi in the next few months to see for himself some of the programmes we are running.

Stop press

We have now heard that Dr. Gabriel has arrived safely in Reading via Brussels then Heathrow.

He will have a two week attachment at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in the Urology and Endoscopy departments and will be a special guest at Friends of Kisiizi Day on Saturday 5th October.

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Kisiizi Hospital is one of 3 English-speaking hospitals linked to the WHO African Partnerships for Patient Safety programme  [APPS]. The Kisiizi link was recently highlighted on the WHO main international website including a photo of our previous Principal Nursing Officer Sister Esther Kobusingye: http://www.who.int/features/2013/uganda_patient_safety/en/index.html

Dr. Gabriel Okumu lecturing
Dr. Gabriel Okumu, Consultant Surgeon, lecturing

We ran a APPS Sensitisation Day here on 12th February attended by Medical Superintendents and Principal Nursing Officers from hospitals in our two local districts and the in-charges of the major health centres. It proved very successful and will be followed up by a two-day training seminar on 12th and 13th March which we hope will be attended by a small group from Zambia sponsored by WHO to come to Kisiizi.



Dr. Rachel enjoying her leaving party

Dr. Rachel Ion was our first Uganda Maternity and Newborn Hub registrar and made a valuable contribution to the Maternity Department. She was with us for six months and helped update protocols, run audits and she helped in the training of Staff.

Dr. Simon and Samantha Hardman joined Kisiizi in January and will be with us until June. Simon is a paediatric registrar and Sam a general medicine registrar so their presence is very helpful. They had already completed a Tropical Medicine course based in Uganda and Tanzania so were well prepared.

leaving party time for our Swedish visitors with Headmaster Spencer

Two teachers and four students from Malmo Borgarskola, Sweden, visited our Primary School as part of a link we have with their own school. They were impressed by what they saw of the school and hospital’s work in challenging circumstances in such a remote and poor community.


Tom Sibbald with an experimental cooking stove

Tom and Anna Sibbald returned to Kisiizi for a brief visit with a particular mission – to evaluate the introduction of more efficient wood-burning cooking stoves with the aim of reducing smoke levels and improving efficiency and hence reducing running costs and environmental damage. They experimented with various models of stoves and had quite an interested audience when they cooked in the relatives’ kitchen behind the Children’s ward…. Members of their church have generously agreed to fund us installing a number of the new stoves in one of the bays to try out further. We anticipate that the significant reduction of smoke that can be achieved may have an important contribution to make to respiratory health particularly of the women who may spend quite a bit of time each day exposed to the fumes.

Bishop Patrick Tugume meets Dr. Dwight and Sandy Mcleod

Dr. Dwight and Sandy Mcleod are good friends of Dr. Lionel and Mary Mills and are visiting Kisiizi for 3 weeks. Dwight is a Consultant Physician and Sandy a Health Visitor by training. They have visited Kagando Hospital in the past and have previous experience of working in Africa. We do not currently have a Consultant in General Medicine here so are very happy to have Dwight’s expertise.


We were pleased to welcome Bishop Patrick Tugume, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital, in his capacity of Chairman of the Directors of Kisiizi Hospital Power Limited. At the meeting Mr. George Wadsworth stepped down from his role as Company Manager after years of faithful service which are greatly appreciated.

Mr. Herbert Kwikiriza, electrician and the new Manager

His position has been taken over by Mr. Herbert Kwikiriza who has worked with us as an Electrician for some years and has proved a committed and skilled colleague. The company continues to expand the infrastructure connecting more homes in the community. This phase should be completed in the not too distant future and we then move to more of a maintenance situation. The company has invested in spare parts and tools and has seen an encouraging rise in earnings from sales of electricity to the community. We are so grateful for all the support of consultants Charles Swainson, Dr. Bill Cave, Paul Darrall and George Wadsworth as well as our in-house team who have maintained and developed the company.


After some uncertainty, we now have six intern doctors here, two in each specialty [Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Surgery] rotating every 3 months. This will give us much more flexibility and opens up the opportunity to develop our out-patient services more effectively and will enhance our ability to recruit good medical officers in the future.




will be held at Greyfriars Church, Reading

on Saturday 5th October 10am – 5pm

Special Guest: Dr. Gabriel Okumu, Consultant Surgeon Kisiizi Hospital and Deputy Medical Superintendent.

Doreen Sharp, wife of the first doctor in Kisiizi, Dr. John Sharp, has recently spent a week in Kisiizi to celebrate its 55th Anniversary and she hopes to attend Friends Day.

Co-ordinator:  Dr. Philip Haynes, GP Reading

There will be a variety of presentations, video clips and interviews updating Friends about developments at Kisiizi.  There will be opportunities to pray for the ministry of the Hospital as it continues to develop.

We usually see around a hundred or so people turning up from various parts of UK, Ireland and further afield to enjoy meeting up with others who have Kisiizi links.  It is always a heartwarming day with a great mix of people from the very early days of Kisiizi life to the present.

Bring a packed lunch and enjoy the day!



Thanks to kind support from churches in Bedford, England,  and to some individuals, we have been able to do some more work on our Surgical Ward.  It is part of the original flax factory building that had closed and then been taken over when Kisiizi Hospital was opened in 1958.

We have completed the ceiling renovation on the first half of the building and stripped and replaced the plaster of the walls.  The window frames have been repaired and we put in new terrazo tile flooring.  This will allow proper cleaning of the floors which had previously not been easy as the concrete was cracked and pitted.

We are also adding rooms at the rear of the building to create a proper Treatment Room for patients and a Sluice to deal properly with waste.  We will also designate an office area for our Specialist Surgeons.

Once the first half is complete we will  move patients across from the second half of the building and, if funding is available, start on renovation of that area.

We are most grateful for those who are helping us with this important work.  Further support will be appreciated to make the rest of the building fit for patient care and to help us achieve good clinical standards and reduce cross-infection.