Amazing Kisiizi Community Health Insurance Scheme…

KISIIZI HOSPITAL HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME article 08-2018 Development of the Kisiizi hospital health insurance scheme Published June 2018


The Effect of Community Based Health Insurance on Child Health and Preventive Health:  PhD Thesis based on Kisiizi community health insurance scheme 2018:

Effect of CBHI on Child Health and Preventive Health thesis KHIS reced 9-2018

Rev Z Katombozi remembered

Remembering a remarkable and wonderful Kisiizi Hospital Chaplain…

A man who inspired and encouraged many patients, staff and members of the surrounding communities during his time as Kisiizi chaplain and subsequently when he retired to Mbarara but remained active with radio and other ministries.  He is remembered with great affection for his humour, gentleness and great passion for evangelism and discipleship.  We are grateful to Bishop F. Mwesigwa for permission to make this book available on the Kisiizi website. Click the link to open the pdf book:

A little story from Kisiizi – Rev Z Katombozi

New Specialists arrive: Drs Bruce & Henry

Drs Bruce & Henry

We are delighted to welcome Dr Bruce Twinamasiko, Consultant Physician, and Dr Henry Lukabwe, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, back to Kisiizi.  They have spent the last three years in Mbarara training as specialists sponsored by Kisiizi and now will help strengthen our clinical services significantly.


WHO links with Kisiizi


Kisiizi featured in the World Health Organization website “stories from countries” following involvement as one of only 5 hospitals in Africa in the Surgical Unit-based safety programme.

Click on the link below to open the article:

Kisiizi Hospital is one of only five worldwide institutions invited to participate in the WHO Learning Laboratory that led to this report.

WHO Report on UHC / PSQ 2014




Updates 6th October

Bishop Benon Magezi reviewing the impact of the floods

Bishop Benon Magezi, Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, visited Kisiizi with the Rubiriizi Archdeacon Ven. Canon Elias Mbangi to see for himself the impact of the flooding on Kisiizi.

Today we had a consignment of mattresses, blankets and bedsheets from the Office of the Prime Minister in response to the loss of linen etc in the floods.




further subsidence on the side of the channel opposite the generator house

View from hill above Kisiizi showing widened river in valley next to the hospital

there are still piles of earth, silt and debris from the emergency excavation work

Progress photos 19th September

The digger at work with Ahumuza Centre seen behind

Kisiizi has been buzzing as in addition to the usual patients and attendants and staff moving around with clinical care, a range of visitors have come to help us with relief work and efforts to minimise the risk of a recurrence of the major flooding we have had.

We are grateful to Uganda National Roads Association for the loan of a mechanical digger which has been working to create an extra drainage channel running along the valley behind the hospital to avoid water building up in future. The Cabinet Minister of Disaster Preparedness has promised to help with the cost of the fuel for the digger.

view from the Generator House access bridge

It runs in front of the new Ahumuza Centre which happily was not damaged in the floods.  We will need to construct new access bridges and paths and put in place safety fences and hedges to avoid patients falling in the channel and then make the environment as pleasant as possible for patients and staff to enjoy.


One of the palm trees is a casualty…





A donation of blankets and food for those clearing debris was received from local families Dr Francis, Dr Ian, Martha and Rev Joshua










Channel near the Generator House with undermining of the embankments















emergency shelving erected in the Laundry


IiiInfrastructure support services such as the laundry and power house have been affected but the Staff and volunteers have worked hard to restore as many services as possible…


The faithful Gilkes hydro-electricity generator is currently keeping the Hospital going


Please see Kisiizi Partners website for more information on how to stay involved with the remarkable story of Kisiizi… and don’t miss Friends of Kisiizi Day on 7th October in Reading!