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Thanks to our Staff, all clinical services are continuing for our patients in spite of the challenges produced by the floods.

Click on the following links to see the progress being made in sorting out the impact of the flooding:

Clean up 24-09-2020

Flood clean up 23-09-2020


FLOODING STRIKES AGAIN… though thankfully not quite as bad as 2017…

Children’s Ward flooding 22-09-2020

Click on the link below for photos and report:



Click here for KH Update SEPTEMBER 2020 F



KH Update JULY 2020





Kisiizi Community health insurance

Here is a new publication about the functioning of our community health insurance scheme…


KH Update June 2020 FINAL PDF






KH Update May 2020 f

Click on the link below for the May 2020 update newsletter:

KH Update May 2020 f


Kisiizi continues to have an amazing impact all over the world.  A tourism student at the Pantheon Sorbonne of University of Paris chose Kisiizi Falls as a project due to its links with the United Nations World Tourism Organization ST-EP Project (sustainable tourism, eliminating poverty).

click here to see the project report:   Phillips_Kisiizi Falls Tourism Project


KH Update April 2020 



Kisiizi overview presentation https://youtu.be/bYFjCeg7qLAS You tube clip with slides & greeting from Moses Mugume
Kisiizi Hospital Mothers Waiting Home https://youtu.be/0_tc_sFZjI0 Uganda Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary clip 2019.
Free Fistula treatment at Kisiizi Hospital https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBdvpnxwHlk


Uganda Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary clip 2019.
Possible Government support for Kisiizi to offer free maternal services https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkWLHHNFDkI


Uganda Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary clip 2019.
Uganda UK Health Alliance Webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWCU2gsqf0k&feature=youtu.be Kisiizi Hospital innovations for patient safety
Uganda UK Health Alliance https://knowledge-gateway.org/?nbq37d5c.r7qdckz7 Newsletter with article on Kisiizi included

Articles from Kisiizi are published in a range of newsletters and journals.  Here are a few:

Dr Fiona Martin volunteered as a visiting registrar in Psychiatry in Kisiizi for six months and published her reflections in BJPSYCH INTERNATIONAL in 2019:

volunteering_in_a_mental_health_service_in_uganda_challenges_and_rewards (1)


The Effect of Community Based Health Insurance on Child Health and Preventive Health:  PhD Thesis based on Kisiizi community health insurance scheme 2018:

Effect of CBHI on Child Health and Preventive Health thesis KHIS recd 9-2018


 The Kisiizi Hospital Community Health Insurance Scheme continues to grow.


Visit our website www.kisiizifalls.com for full information about all the different activities now available and links to publications about Kisiizi Falls.  From 23rd December 2016 to 6th October 2019 a total of over 22,000 have visited the Falls!  If you are one of them and have not put a review on Trip Advisor then please do so… click on the link below to see the reviews:


All the proceeds go to the Good Samaritan Fund of Kisiizi Hospital to help care for the poorest members of our community.  The fund also subsidises all mental health care and insulin.  Kisiizi Waterfall and Bird-life



Click here for details of the opening of the Ahumuza Centre for patients with mental illness


A huge thank you to all who give towards the work of Kisiizi Hospital in various ways (see Supporting Kisiizi tab on this website)

The impact of Brexit etc. had already impacted Kisiizi even before the pandemic caused a number of pressures.   So please pray with us and do all you can to help mobilise support.  In Kisiizi we have harvested trees, we generate hydro-electricity and we are running the tourism project all of which help generate some local income but the external support remains vital and we greatly appreciate all who contribute.


PHOTO BOOK ABOUT KISIIZIW of Difference book cover

A beautiful book about Kisiizi has been produced by Travel Photographer Cecilla Guridi from Chile who spent two months in Kisiizi in 2015 and has captured a range of lovely portraits.  Click on the link below for details and to see an on-line demonstration of the book:  http://www.blurb.com/books/6890680-a-world-of-difference?t=1455170692133

W od D book preview page

W of D previewpage 2


One of the themes of Kisiizi is Care for the Vulnerable…  this little girl came to Kisiizi with severe malnutrition causing swelling of her body as seen in the two photos on the left.  After a couple of weeks she was transformed…

transformation PEM cropWe have many departments and do a lot of surgical procedures for which patients will travel long distances.  The service is 24 hours and the photo shows a team helping a young child who has inhaled a seed or bean and has severe respiratory distress:

theatre teamIn addition to its clinical work, Kisiizi has a number of other activities:

  • Kisiizi Hospital School of Nursing – with around 290 trainee nurses and midwives
  • Kisiizi Hospital Primary School – with around 350 pupils including boarders
  • Kisiizi Hospital Community Health Insurance Scheme – with 43,600 registered in 215 community groups in an area stretching up to 60 kilometers from the hospital
  • Kisiizi Hospital Power Limited – generating hydro-electricity for the hospital and the local community
  • Kisiizi Hospital Child Sponsorship Programme – with 360 orphans receiving educational and health support

Read more about the Mothers’ Waiting Home

WFtur1 Kisiizi is part of the wider ministry of the Church of Uganda North Kigezi Diocese based in Rukungiri and a member of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau network.