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Doreen Sharp & Bishop Benon Magezi at the Diamond Jubilee











Click on the link for the March Update Newsletter which includes summary statistics from 2017….  Kisiizi Updates March 2018 FINAL



Mr Alex Kakama, HR Co-ordinator; Dr Francis Banya, Deputy Medical Superintendent; Mr Moses Mugume, Senior Hospital Administrator; Sr Kate Rwomushana, Principal Nursing Officer and Dr Akasiima Mucunguzi, District Health Officer

Mothers cooking behind Children’s Ward… Kisiizi serves a rural resource-poor community===============================================================

 The Kisiizi Community Health Insurance Scheme continues to grow and now has 40,500 beneficiaries in 207 groups in 5 districts up to 60km from Kisiizi…

in 2017 2,162 members of the Scheme were admitted to Kisiizi and 15,050 came to our out-patient clinics. That the scheme’s motto “Affordable access to  quality health care” has been achieved for so many people is a great encouragement knowing that without this Scheme many would have faced catastrophic health costs and would have had to sell land or possessions to cover costs which would mean loss of their future resources…  Happily even though there is no direct donor support, the Scheme balanced its books for the year.




We were delighted to meet up with old girls and boys from our Kisiizi Hospital Primary School at the Reunion in December 2017.

They enjoyed catching up with each other and staff and had helped tHe School with a new road sign and by decorating a nursery class room.

It was good to see how our ex-pupils had moved on in life and were now sharing something to support the current school. The classroom photos shows Headmaster Spencer Tweteise in the centre.


Uganda UK Health Alliance – the second webinar organised by UUKHA featured healthcare improvements at Kisiizi… click on the link below to watch the presentation on YouTube…  UUKHA Webinar August 31st 2017










Kisiizi also featured in an article in the latest September 2017 newsletter from Uganda UK Health Alliance


Visit our new website www.kisiizifalls.com for full information about all the different activities now available and links to publications about Kisiizi Falls.

The Minister of State for Tourism and colleagues plus the local Member of Parliament and members of the media and tour operators enjoyed a wonderful day formally launching Kisiizi Falls in June 2017. Amazingly in the period 23rd December 2016 to second week of March 2018 we have welcomed over 12,500 visitors of whom about 9,000 paid to come in.  All the proceeds go to the Good Samaritan Fund of Kisiizi Hospital to help care for the poorest members of our community.  The fund also subsidises all mental health care and insulin.

Kisiizi Primary School Children ready to dance for the Guest of Honour

Visit www.kisiizifalls.com for full information about all the different activities now available.



Click here for details of the opening of the Ahumuza Centre for patients with mental illness

Read the handout describing the background to Jamie’s Fund and the story of the Ahumuza Centre

Ahumuza story revised
















A huge thank you to all who give towards the work of Kisiizi Hospital in various ways (see Supporting Kisiizi tab on this website)

The impact of Brexit etc. has affected the exchange rate of sterling to the Uganda shilling with the effect of reducing the amount of Uganda shillings we receive when funds are transferred from UK as the accompanying graph shows.  At the same time inflation is significant and Management are under pressure to raise salaries to avoid losing key staff.  So please pray with us and do all you can to help mobilise support.  In Kisiizi we have harvested trees, we generate hydro-electricity and we are running the tourism project all of which help generate some local income but the external support remains vital and we greatly appreciate all who contribute.


Kisiizi Falls Pages



W of Difference book cover

A beautiful book about Kisiizi has been produced by Travel Photographer Cecilla Guridi from Chile who spent two months in Kisiizi in 2015 and has captured a range of lovely portraits.  Click on the link below for details and to see an on-line demonstration of the book:


W od D book preview page

W of D previewpage 2


Kisiizi featured in the World Health Organization website “stories from countries” following involvement as one of 5 hospitals in Africa in the Surgical Unit-based safety programme.

WHO newsletter KH 5-16

Click on the link below to open the article:


Other articles from Kisiizi are published in a range of newsletters and journals.  Here are a few:

Lancet Jan 16 letter

Letter to the Lancet medical journal from the Medical Superintendent Kisiizi in response to series on Faith Based Healthcare

Letter to Lancet January 2016



Transformation p1 UPMBUPMB Newsletter Nov 2015 “Transformation – addressing the underlying causes of disease and illness”

Transformation – UPMB newsletter 11-2015


*  World Health Organization report 2014  “Universal Health CovUHC titleerage and Patient Safety & Quality”

Kisiizi Hospital is one of only five worldwide institutions invited to participate in the WHO Learning Laboratory that led to this report.

WHO Report on UHC / PSQ 2014




See further Kisiizi linked publications


STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2019 APPROVED – click on this link to see the Kisiizi Hospital 5 year Strategic Plan



Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital is situated in  south-west Uganda, between Kabale and Rukungiri. It is in the Kigezi highlands and is about 5,300 feet above sea level.  Kisiizi provides a wide range of medical services to a large area with patients travelling many miles to access care. It is a beautiful area with a magnificent waterfall. Kisiizi Waterfall and Bird-life

Kisiizi was put forward by the Uganda Ministry of Tourism for the United Nations World Tourism Organization STEP programme (Sustainable Tourism to Eliminate Poverty) which is funded by the South Korean government.  Kisiizi Management and Board are keen to ensure that nothing is done to detract from the natural beauty of the waterfall and the area but having studied various plans believe that the developments will enhance the site and allow more people to enjoy this lovely location.












KH Chart 8

One of the themes of Kisiizi is Care for the Vulnerable…  this little girl came to Kisiizi with severe malnutrition causing swelling of her body as seen in the two photos on the left.  After a couple of weeks she was transformed…

transformation PEM cropWe have many departments and do a lot of surgical procedures for which patients will travel long distances.  The service is 24 hours and the photo shows a team helping a young child who has inhaled a seed or bean and has severe respiratory distress:

theatre teamIn addition to its clinical work, Kisiizi has a number of other activities:

  • Kisiizi Hospital School of Nursing – with around 250 trainee nurses and midwives
  • Kisiizi Hospital Primary School – with around 350 pupils including boarders
  • Kisiizi Hospital Community Health Insurance Scheme – with 40,500 registered in 207 community groups in an area stretching up to 60 kilometers from the hospital
  • Kisiizi Hospital Power Limited – generating hydro-electricity for the hospital and the local community
  • Kisiizi Hospital Child Sponsorship Programme – with 500 orphans receiving educational and health support


biochemistryLaboratory equipment                       Click for more information:   Laboratory

As part of our strategic plan to develop services for patients, we have now commenced upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy.  This procedure involves the passage of a flexible scope to visualise the oesophagus (gullet) and stomach.  It is important in our community as there are large numbers of patients with persistent dyspepsia symptoms.  Many are due to ulcers but some to stomach cancer which, if picked up quickly, may be successfully treated.

As we develop such clinical services we are seeking to also upgrade support departments and so are delighted with the progress in the laboratory.  We are also seeking to refurbish some of our clinical areas including our Maternal & Child Health Welfare clinics which are housed in a very old building which is in urgent need of renovation.

We are grateful for Kisiizi Partners and other friends who support us in a variety of ways.

ANC FH check

A midwife checks an expectant mother to ensure the baby’s heart is regular and not too slow or fast. She is using one of the new Foetal Heart detectors donated by Rotary Club Dorchester Casterbridge.



skullFrac smile This youngster had been knocked down by a speeding motorcycle and sustained a fractured skull.  He arrived unconscious and required surgical intervention to elevate the bone.  We are delighted with his progress and thank all our Staff who worked so hard and all those supporters who helped with equipment such as the oxygen concentrator shown here that allowed us to help him recover.

MWH resting

Patient resting in one of the bays of the new Mothers Waiting Home

Read more about the Mothers’ Waiting Home











Patient mobilising after surgical fixation of fractured tibia

The hospital has never closed to patients since it started in 1958 which is a testimony to God’s faithful provision. Services have continued to expand with specialist Consultants in General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General Medicine and Paediatrics.  Kisiizi has now been recognised for training intern doctors. Kisiizi is the only hospital in Uganda to be part of the first wave of the World Health Organization Africa Partnerships for Patient Safety scheme and has also been invited to participate in the new WHO Surgical Unit-based Safety Programme in liaison with John Hopkins University in USA. WFtur1 Kisiizi is part of the wider ministry of the Church of Uganda North Kigezi Diocese based in Rukungiri and a member of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau network.