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We are delighted that Moses Mugume has his visa to come to UK and will be our guest of honour at the annual Friends of Kisiizi Day. Moses has served in Kisiizi for many years working as a clinical officer, then in-charge of the Community based healthcare programme and then as our senior administrator. He has a wealth of experience and is a key person in the story of Kisiizi and the establishing of the community insurance scheme which has had such a big impact.

And looking even further ahead, it will be the 70th Anniversary of Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital in 2028 and we are hoping to have a major celebration in Kisiizi and hope that with this much notice many who have served and supported Kisiizi over the decades will plan to attend and enjoy the remarkable and unique Kisiizi family story together. Management have asked Friends of Kisiizi to think about the optimal dates somewhere in 2024. At present the suggestion is for a weekend in June 2028 for the main Celebration events followed by a few days on an island in Lake Bunyonyi for those who just want to catch up with friends. Do send your suggestions or comments about dates to friends.of.kisiizi.hospital@gmail.com Thank you.


KH Newsletter Update JUNE / JULY 2024


Kisiizi update newsletter March 2024


Enjoy the video clips from Friends Day illustrating a wide range of ministries of Kisiizi


see Kisiizi Update Newsletter April / May 2023

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anniversary-Cake-65-years-1024x922.jpgStaff and students gathered to celebrate 65 years since the first Thanksgiving service in 1958 (see the historical booklet).

Kisiizi Historical booklet: 1958-1983

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is March-2023-newsletter-front-page.jpgMarch 2023 KISIIZI UPDATE NEWSLETTER – Click to open

See photos and read the news from Kisiizi including the Nutrition Project, Urology Camp, feedback from the Stre@mline Ubuntu project launch in Kampala and staff news as well as an introduction to the new Chairman of the Board of Governors of Kisiizi Hospital.


December 2022 News Updates

December 22 KH Newsletter


Job Advert: Nutrition Project Coordinator

Nutrition Project Coordinator Job Advert

FRIENDS OF KISIIZI DAY was a wonderful time catching up with old friends and making new ones.  For those who missed the day, here are a range of videos and presentations which cover a wide range of topics relating to Kisiizi:

Click on the link below to open the table that has links to each of the videos on YouTube:

Friends Day 2022 video presentation links


The latest magazine from Medical Missionary News focuses on Mental Health and includes an article from Kisiizi…

MMN Sept 22 Mag (S)

MMN then organised a webinar which included a focus on Kisiizi mental health services which you can see on the link below:


Click the link below for the Kisiizi Update newsletter for September:

KH September 22 Newsletter



264 applications from 81 countries were submitted for the 3 awards being offered… including the one from Streamline Health & Kisiizi. (Stre@mline is the patient-centred integrated IT system developed in Kisiizi).  Samuel Mugisha presented to a jury who chose our project as the leading scheme awarding a grant of 350,000 USD to allow strengthening of the Kisiizi community health insurance scheme and the roll out to 14 other hospitals in Uganda with a goal of adding 150,000 beneficiaries in the next 2 years.

Thanks for all the prayers and votes and support. We came a very close second in the separate People’s Choice Award (over 200,000 votes were received) but as we received so many votes (around 45%) we believe there will be lots of follow up contacts resulting.  Well done to all the Stre@mline and Kisiizi teams!

Below is the announcement of the winner with a cheer from Friends of Kisiizi!



Sarah Cassie from Macclesfield has recently run a marathon around Anglesey to raise support for Kisiizi which has gone to Kisiizi Partners via Just Giving, a sum of £586!

Huge thanks to all who supported Sarah and Kisiizi in this amazing achievement, thank you all.=======================================================


This gives a comprehensive account of the different ministries and services provided by Kisiizi Hospital in the year to 30th June 2021.

It has many photos and is not designed for printing but for view on a computer or phone screen.  Click on the link below:

KH Annual Report FY 2020-2021 F



Impact of community‑based health insurance on utilisation of preventive health services in rural Uganda: a propensity score matching approach

This important research shows that membership of our Scheme leads to a 26% increase in use of mosquito nets and 18% increase in deworming compared to control families in our communities.  There is little research published on the effect of voluntary health insurance on preventive health so this paper is really interesting adding yet more benefits to the value of our Scheme. These include the obvious financial protection against catastrophic health expenditure in the event of acute illness, plus our previously published work on a significant reduction in childhood stunting.  In addition Kisiizi has analysed data from the Stre@mline IT system it has developed to show a 50% fall in admission rates from our clinics for those who belong to the Scheme. We currently have around 42,000 beneficiaries in 6 districts in over 220 groups in this not-for-profit scheme reaching up to 60km from Kisiizi.


Kisiizi continues to have an amazing impact all over the world.  A tourism student at the Pantheon Sorbonne of University of Paris chose Kisiizi Falls as a project due to its links with the United Nations World Tourism Organization ST-EP Project (sustainable tourism, eliminating poverty).

click here to see the project report:   Phillips_Kisiizi Falls Tourism Project



Kisiizi overview presentationhttps://youtu.be/bYFjCeg7qLASYou tube clip with slides & greeting from Moses Mugume
Kisiizi Hospital Mothers Waiting Homehttps://youtu.be/0_tc_sFZjI0Uganda Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary clip 2019.
Free Fistula treatment at Kisiizi Hospitalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBdvpnxwHlkUganda Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary clip 2019.
Possible Government support for Kisiizi to offer free maternal serviceshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkWLHHNFDkIUganda Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary clip 2019.
Uganda UK Health Alliance Webinarhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWCU2gsqf0k&feature=youtu.beKisiizi Hospital innovations for patient safety
Uganda UK Health Alliancehttps://knowledge-gateway.org/?nbq37d5c.r7qdckz7Newsletter with article on Kisiizi included


The Effect of Community Based Health Insurance on Child Health and Preventive Health:  PhD Thesis based on Kisiizi community health insurance scheme 2018:

Effect of CBHI on Child Health and Preventive Health thesis KHIS recd 9-2018


Visit our website www.kisiizifalls.com for full information about all the different activities now available and links to publications about Kisiizi Falls.  Thousands of people have visited the Falls!  If you are one of them and have not put a review on Trip Advisor then please do so… click on the link below to see the reviews:


All the proceeds go to the Good Samaritan Fund of Kisiizi Hospital to help care for the poorest members of our community.  The fund also subsidises all mental health care and insulin.  Kisiizi Waterfall and Bird-life



W of Difference book cover


A beautiful book about Kisiizi has been produced by Travel Photographer Cecilla Guridi from Chile who spent two months in Kisiizi in 2015 and has captured a range of lovely portraits.  Click on the link below for details and to see an on-line demonstration of the book:  http://www.blurb.com/books/6890680-a-world-of-difference?t=1455170692133

W od D book preview page

W of D previewpage 2


One of the themes of Kisiizi is Care for the Vulnerable…  this little girl came to Kisiizi with severe malnutrition causing swelling of her body as seen in the two photos on the left.  After a couple of weeks she was transformed…

transformation PEM crop

We have many departments and do a lot of surgical procedures for which patients will travel long distances.  The service is 24 hours and the photo shows a team helping a young child who has inhaled a seed or bean and has severe respiratory distress:

theatre team

In addition to its clinical work, Kisiizi has a number of other activities:

  • Kisiizi Hospital School of Nursing – with around 310 trainee nurses and midwives
  • Kisiizi Hospital Primary School – with around 350 pupils including boarders
  • Kisiizi Hospital Community Health Insurance Scheme – with over 40,000 registered in 215 community groups in an area stretching up to 60 kilometers from the hospital
  • Kisiizi Hospital Power Limited – generating hydro-electricity for the hospital and the local community
  • Kisiizi Hospital Child Sponsorship Programme – with 270 orphans receiving educational and health support

Read more about the Mothers’ Waiting Home